Our Mission

Tusheti Protected Landscape is part of Tusheti Protected Areas (along with Tusheti State Reserve and Tusheti National Park) and covers 31,517 ha. It is located on the southern slope of the Caucasus, near the Georgian-Russian border. Tusheti Protected Landscape was established in 2003 and it is the only one in Georgia to be awarded with the 5th category of the protected areas under the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is managed at the self-government level by (NNLE) Tusheti Protected Landscape Administration established byAkhmeta Municipality.
In addition to environmental activities, our administration implements infrastructure or agricultural projects in Tusheti to support the preservation of the traditional industries and activities.

The aim of establishing the protected landscape in Tusheti is:

  • Protection against degeneration-extinction of unique ecosystems as a result of androgenization of individual natural components.

  • Preservation of the richest national heritage level monuments of folk architecture and historical-cultural landscape.

  • Creation of the infrastructure necessary to meet the growing recreational needs of the psycho-aesthetic resources of the highland natural and historical-cultural landscape.

  • Preservation and development of folklore traditions.

Activities allowed on the territory of the Protected Areas

  • Protection, maintenance and restoration of the environment, history and cultural monuments.

  • Manipulative scientific research.

  • Conservation and restoration of the Tusheti ecosystem and wildlife species.

  • Recreational-tourist and educational activities.

  • Traditional agricultural activities.

  • Arranging appropriate infrastructure for tourism development


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