Hegho and its access roads besieged by a large army of Kist-Leks


Hego and its access roads were besieged by a large army of Kist-Leks. According to the legend, when the enemy failed to subdue the village, a man was sent to Dagestan to find out a secret from a fence builder. The master refused to speak, as he was usually bound by an oath.
Then Mola nullified his oath and said such a thing to the master: You will go beyond Hegho and look. You will see a white stone in the fenc. if you move that stone, the fence will fall.
And so, it happened. The unequal battle between the Tusheti and the Kist-Leks lasted for 7 days and nights. On the 8th day, when the ammunition was fired in the prisons as the rescuers were late, the enemy gathered their strength and managed to destroy the village.
Michael, the son of Zourab, has done an unheard deed, according to the legend: first, he killed his wife and children and then he himself was killed by the enemy.

"The mothers of hegho wept, the enemy has frightened us with its lead,
They come to your door as guests, but forcefully enter your house, without need,
I wonder, who has cooled the spirit of your gunners,
who thawed them with water, who made them sleep, like goners,
The rifles of the Samtskhe-Javakheti fell at the foot of Hegho,
Kavtarman, the son of Lukhum sighed loudly,
The children of Tusheti in multiple shade of grey now were out on the battlefield proudly,
The shield and the sword were struck on Hegho’s top, loudly,
What Michael, Zourab's offspring has done?
He killed his wife and children, the sin cannot be undone,
And the one who laughs, will share the same fate, none of them can run.”

The translations, obviously, do not show the example of the classic Tush verse, as the mountain dialect cannot be translated into English.
Poem translated by Lika Sharashidze.