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Meri Gavashelidze

Address: ქ. ახმეტა, ზვიადაურის ქ.N15

Cell: +995 591 51 25 79

E-mail: meri.gavashelidze@gmail.com


Procurement Accountant

Was born in the city of Telavi, spent her childhood in the village of Tsinandali and finished a public school there.
2010-2014- studied at I. Gogebashvili Telavi State University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law and received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.
Work experience:
2014-2015 - worked in the Microfinance Organization "Credo".
2018-2019 - worked as the office administrator in the United Water Supply Company of Georgia.
Since 2019 - has been working in the Tusheti Protected Landscape Administration as a Procurement Accountant.